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Powder Coating is a dry-paint process using, as the name implies, a powdered form of paint. The powdered paint is electro-statically charged by a special spray gun which causes the paint to stick to the part. The painted part is then heated in an oven, melting the paint powder and fixing it to the surface.

The process is simple and reliable, producing a high quality finish. Due to the attraction between the paint and the part, the paint particles are actively drawn to the target areas, even covering edges that face away from the spray direction. This gives an even, high quality finish.

Powder Coating can be used on a variety of materials and is available in a wide range of colours, gloss levels and other types of finish.


Powder Coating produces a finish that is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough. Whilst the paint is not chemically bonded to the material, when correctly prepared and applied, it will provide a long life. It is a highly cost effective, producing a paint finish that  will not crack, chip or peel.

Powder Coating is available in a wide range of finishes and colours to suit most requirements.



The powder coating facilities at Unimet enable us to provide a fast and reliable service. Our staff are extremely experienced, producing a consistently high quality result. 

The spraying areas are kept scrupulously clean to prevent contamination that might spoil the finish and our temperature controlled ovens incorporate an automated conveyor system that exposes painted components to heat for the correct amount of time, ensuring a consistent, high quality finish.

In addition, we are happy to advise and help you to choose the right paint for your particular application, to meet your requirements.


We can provide shot blasting to remove dirt, corrosion and old paint finishes and vapour based de-greasing to ensure that parts are clean and ready for painting.

For aluminium parts, we offer Alocroming which chemically alters the surface of the material, suitable for the application of paint.


Stove Enamelling is available in a variety of gloss levels and colours and special finishes such as spatter texture​ are available too. Do do ask if you have something particular in mind, as we are always happy to advise.

There are an enormous range of colours available, but many customers find the RAL Colour Chart and BS 4800 Colour Chart a good starting point.

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